Pancho from The Cisco Kid visits the Sacred Heart Home and School, sometime before 1961!

Pancho from The Cisco Kid visits the Sacred Heart Home and School, sometime before 1961!

Pancho (Leo Carrillo) from The Cisco Kid

Pancho from TV series- Cisco Kid Leo Carrillo

Pancho from TV series- Cisco Kid
Leo Carrillo

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TV Series (1950–1956) The Cisco Kid and his English-mangling sidekick Pancho travel the old west in the grand tradition of the Lone Ranger, righting wrongs and fighting injustice wherever they find it.

Another star who took time out of his busy schedule to visit the lonely kids at the Sacred Heart Home and School.

Leo Carrillo (Pancho) was born on August 6, 1881 in Los Angeles, California, USA. He was an actor, known for The Cisco Kid (1950), Viva Villa! (1934) and Phantom of the Opera(1943). He was married to Edith Haeselbarth. He died on September 10, 1961 in Santa Monica, California. He married Edith Haeselbarth (1940-1953) and had one daughter Antoinette

Leo Carrillo State Park and Leo Carrillo beach, both in California, were named after the actor, who also served on the State Park and Recreation Commission. He was related by blood and marriage to a long line of distinguished original Californians.

For all the stereotypical Latinos he portrayed on screen, Leo Carrillo was actually an intelligent, literate man, the scion of an old, respected Los Angeles family who could trace his heritage back to the conquistadores.
Interred at Woodlawn Cemetery, Santa Monica, California.
He also had a distinguished career on the Broadway stage, appearing in “Lombardi Ltd.”, “Twin Beds” and “Mister Antonio” prior to 1929.
Several of his political cartoons appear in Blue Vaudeville: Sex, Morals and the Mass Marketing of Amusement, 1895-1915 by Andrew L. Erdman.
Many books dealing with Chrysler automobiles feature several photos of Carrillo’s mildly customized 1947 Chrysler Town and Country convertible. The wood sided rag top sported special longhorn seating, and a hood mounted steer head.
Because he was of the old Spanish families, he bought one of the vast land grant ranchos that California was famous for, called Rancho Los Kiotes.
Distant relative of the Actor Ronald E. Giles, whose Grandfather on his Mother’s side (Guillermo Blaise Arguello), was a first Cousin of Carrillo’s.
Having studied at Loyola University in Los Angeles, he obtained an engineering job with the Southern Pacific Railroad. He drew cartoons in his spare time, and, after taking an art course, was signed on as a cartoonist by the San Francisco Examiner. His skills as a mimic then prompted colleagues to suggest that he try his hand at show business. His first appeared on the Keith-Orpheum circuit in vaudeville as a stand-in for an act which failed to show up. His subsequent success led to theatrical engagements, beginning with “Fads and Fancies”, and, subsequently, to work in films.
His great-grandfather, Carlos Antonio Carillo, was the first provisional governor of California. His father was the first mayor of Santa Monica.
His salary while working on Cisco Kid was $500/ episode
Larence Welk comes to Sacred Heart Home

Larence Welk comes to Sacred Heart Home

Does anyone remember taking accordin lessons and larence welk and his whole tv show came to the home and put on a show in the gym and we played our accordins for them. we all got to meet larence welk and the lennon sisters and there whole show members.what an experience that was. i,ll never forget that.does anyone have a video of that i wonder? rosemarie makuski

Larence Welk

Larence Welk

Perry Como donates a pool to the kids at Sacred heart Home and School

perry como

Do you remember when Perry Como performed in the gym?
Perry Como the famous singer, visited the home (sometime in the 1960’s) and sang to the kids gathered around the piano in the gym. Perry gave the children 45’s and they also went to see him at the Allentown Fair. He donated the pool to the home. There was a swimming pond before that, it was a plaster or cemented pond.