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Kathy W. tells her story.

Kathy W.  tells her story.

Kathy O’Connell drew this little cartoon of Kathy W. after hearing her story.

Today on the Sacred Heart School and Home Facebook page we were told another child’s story about her 9 year stay in the “home”.

Kathy ( not Kathy Roman/ O’Connell) wrote to me and shared her experiences.

Kathy said, “I was there from 1953-1963???  My brother, and sister were there also. But they came there later than me. I remember Sister Enelda who was in charge of the girls dorm and Sister Evara who was the nurse and of course Mother Alfreda. My sister was the most unliked girl there…including by me. She was a tattleteller and often would teach the same class she was in. Her name is Darleene. She was responsible for me and i hated it! She was so mean. lol 
I was the first girl to work in the kitchen, I made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I really liked doing that. It made me feel important. My brother worked in the kitchen too. We got along great! 
I was always sick too. Had all the childhood diseases there as well as Scarlet Fever and RheumaticFever. Hated to be locked up in the infirmary alone – isolated from everyone. I remember one time i had to use the bathroom down by the pool and there were girls in there. Well my sister took me there and the girls in the bathroom were smoking and they wouldn’t let us in (because of my sister) so we were pushing our way in and my thumb got caught in the hinge side of the door and i screamed so loud that Mother Superior came down from the school to see what the matter was. I ended up in the hospital for a very long time. So having a sister like i did was not the best thing being there. My brother smoked and he would do most of his smoking behind the school near the grounds keepers house where the garbage and incinerator was. Anyway, the only reason i was able to leave there was because the school was closing down. My grandparents agreed to take me in.”