This photo was taken right before my parents split up and my mother dumped all 5 us in Sacred Heart Home. My younger brother Patrick was too young and was put out for adoption right away and the youngest brother, Bobby who had Down’s Syndrome was disposed of a few years before in a special home for broken babies.

I grew up in Sacred Heart home and survived to share my story. I’ve written and illustrated a graphic novel about my experiences. Many people have contact me wanting more information and to share their memories so I created this spot for that purpose.

Kathy Roman/ O'Connell

Kathy Roman/ O’Connell

I not only survived, I grew up to have a wonderful life. I have a fantastic family and get to create art everyday. You can see my art here (on Etsy) and here (on my blog).

I certain don’t regret having to go through that hell because I would not have become the person I am. But there are so many sad stories and they need to be told.


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  1. I was dumped off there after my mother died of TB and my Dad could not take care of all 5 of us. That was 76 years ago. I still have the nightmares of being locked in the cellar all the time and listening to the rats running all over the dirt floors and I was crunched against the the door all night in total fear because I was being punished at 4 years old for writing on a piece of cardboard box the nun used to stand on to iron her clothes. You want stories…I have a book.

    • Mae Lee – 76 years from 2012 is 1936. The home wasn’t open until 1938. What years were you there? What was your family name? I know something about the place between 1939 and 1948.

      • Hi Rudy! My name is Jini Stringer. I just contributed photos of my father at “the home”. Wondering if you can identify any of the other little faces in the confirmation photo.

      • I was there when it opened and for many years afterwards. My Mother died when I was born of TB and my Father couldn’t take care of 5 kids and work so he put us there.I was there for many years and my Father hated me because he felt I was to blame for my Mother getting TB. I am never grateful for that horrid experience and in many ways it ruined my life and the life of my sisters and brothers.

    • This is not the home i was talking about, it was only for girls and you had to be italien or half italien and was closed in the 60’s or 70’s and was at 65th and Callohill sts. We went to St. Donato’s elementary school

  2. I have experience working with children in the foster care system. I was looking at your site and found it quite interesting. I am currently working on getting a Master’s degree is social work and was wondering if I could interview you about your experience.

  3. I would like to see the pictures you have from the home. Me and my 4 sisters and brothers were in the home for quite awhile. Undeer the name of Gallagher… Thanks

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