Hello Dolly Tap dancers

The  Happy “Tappers from Sacred Heart Home & School with Mary, Linda & Kathy Jeffery, oh and don’t forget Kathy (Roman) O’Connell we’re all ready to tap our hearts away for the Donation Day show stopper, Hello Dolly in the ’60s…..don’t you just love the Flower Power skirts!!! ” submitted by Linda Jeffery

Bottom Row: to the left is Noreen Schneck, Joanne Russell in the middle, Kathy Jeffery on the right

Middle Row: to the left is Barbara Trush, Linda Jeffery, Olga Ramos, Mary Jeffery, and Jackie Ressler

Top Row: to the left is Josie Pukiewicz, Kathy Roman, Joanne Ressler, Eileen Rhoades, Theresa Pukiewicz, Eileen Maroni, Virginia Erney and Patti Matoliyak