The Cooper Mansion – 600 South Main Street, Coopersburg, PA

Cooper Mansion then:1938

The Cooper mansion

Where it all began.

The Cooper homestead at 600 S. Main Street became famous for the annual Jersey Cattle Sales, nationally and internationally. During those events, the town was filled with buyers from all over the globe. The Linden Grove Sales Pavilion across the street from the house was constructed to allow sales to continue during inclement weather. The Pavilion’s unique open structure and its significance to the area have helped it to be placed on the National Register of Historic Places. When cattle sales were seriously curtailed during the Depression, the large property with its buildings and fields was sold off. The mansion became a Catholic orphanage. It later found new use as Pinebrook Junior College. This old landmark of the Cooper family has been fully restored in 2001.

 May 2, 1938- Philadelphia Diocese of the Sacred Heart Church  purchased the Cooper mansion.The nuns from Reading PA staffed the Orphanage.

Cooper Mansion Now: 2010

photo by Mary Sullivan Esseff

photo by Mary Sullivan Esseff


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