Sister Bonita

Sister Bonita

Sister Bonita Mueller, MSC

Born May 23, 1907

Seton Manor Nursing Home, Orwigsburg, PA

She came to the United States from her native Germany in 1931, and spent the next five years at St. Michael Convent in Reading, PA studying, teaching German, giving organ lessons, and being the principal organist at the motherhouse. For 51 years, Sister was active in elementary education, both as teacher and principal. However, as she explained, her most treasured occupation was that of organist “since music could bring out the expression that was most needed on a given occasion — joy at a moment of celebration, or comfort in a time of sorrow.”

Upon retirement, Sister did clerical work at the motherhouse and assisted with the “older” sisters until her definitive retirement at the age of 84.

I do not know if she is still alive, probably not. She would be 105! But you never know?


One thought on “Sister Bonita

  1. A few more nuns to ad to your list, Sister Cordis 1952 -1955 and Sister Thomasine 1952-1955. The time frame I was there.

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