Morning Call Newspaper announces closing.

Morning Call article.

A summary of the article:
Monsigner David B. Thompson , vicar general of Allentown Catholic Diocese confirmed that the Sacred Heart Home in Coopersburg will close after 35 years due to lack of staff and children. There were 7 nuns and 31 children left there at the time of closing.
The Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart staffed the orphanage since the beginning in 1938.
The problem seemed to be a new trend of placing children into foster homes and women no longer becoming nuns.
1940-91 children
1963 – 131 children
mid-1960’s they stopped taking preschool children

September 1972 the school part closed, so the remaining children attended Assumption Parochail school in Colesville.

Last sept. they stopped taking 7th and 8th graders because it was felt that age needed a father figure.

The idea for the home began with Msgr. Leo G, Fink of sacred Heart Parish in Allentown in 1927

Col. Coopers estate sold the property to Msgr. Fink for $15,000 on may 2, 1938. It included 24 acres, a mansion, another dwelling and a large barn.
The home was dedicated Oct.9, 1938, for the care of dependent and neglected children regardless of race, creed or color. It was turned over to the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart to operate.

It started with 4 nuns and 6 orphaned and half-orphaned children.

The Sacred Heart Order Originated in Germany in 1899. The sisters came to this country in 1908 as teaching nuns.

The main building was hit by a $10,000 fire in 1939?
A twister in 1949 ripped off sections of the barn roof.
Classes were held in the barn until 1950 when the new school was built.

Refugee children from Europe were sheltered here during WWII.
1950 Gym built capacity of 1200
1951 new chapel built
1961? new caretaker dwelling built.

Michael Hudak- 10 of his 12 children went to the home after wife died. They stayed there until he remarried.

Sister Alfrieda who was there from 1951 to 1972
Only about half the children are catholic.


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